A DNA marker has been found for LAD (Lethal Acrodermititis)!!!

LAD is usually found in Bull Terriers (less often in the miniatures).  The condition is found when the dog cannot absorb zinc, they're zinc deficient.  Unfortunately zinc therapy is ineffective in Bull Terriers.


Minis should have the following tests performed:
PLL (Primary Lens Luxation) DNA swab test can be ordered through GenSol
LAD (Lethal Acrodermititis)- DNA swab test can be ordered through GenSol

ECHO (Heart Echochardiogram with Color Doppler) - The ultrasound needs to be read by a board certified Veterinry Cariologist.  LVOT (Left Ventriclular Outflow Tract) should be less than 2.2 m/sec.  This can first be performed on dogs over 18 months and a test done at two years of age or older probably need not be repeated for breeding clearance unless suspected heart disease develops

UPC (Urine Protein:Creatinine Ratio) - A urinalysis specifically measuring the ratio of protein to creatinine in the urine.  This urinalysis should be performed at 18 months old.  I've seen several different acceptable ratios from 0.5-0.2.  If the UPC ratio is above 0.2 (some say 0.3) further test should be run.  The BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen) test should be run if UPC results come back above 0.2 to rule out kidney disease.

The following test are also good to have done but not required by MBTCA:

BAER (Brainstem Auditory Evoked Potential) - test for normal hearing in each ear through small electrodes.  Deafness is common in white/albino animals (not just dogs).  This test may be given to dogs after six weeks of age. Results of this test are valid for the dog's lifetime.

CERF Exam (Canine Eye Registration Foundation) - eye exam performed by a Veterinary Opthalmologist.  Each exam is good for 12-months thus should be performed yearly.  The exam checks for any heritable eye diseases.

Patellas - Slipping patellas (knee caps) is found in standard bull terriers and a few in mini bull terriers.  With interbreeding allowed in other countries checking patellas may become more common in the minis.

PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease) - an ultrasound is performed on the dogs kidneys and must be read by a trained veterinarian.